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To celebrate our friend Clare’s studio warming, ET and Linda will be performing a short acoustic set, featuring songs from our new EP on 8 Dec 2018. Expect an evening of art, music and drinks. Send message to Clare on her Instagram account  to RSVP.  This is a private event and venue details will only be released the day before.

New EP "Into the Ether" Out Now


The new EP Into the Ether is officially released on all digital platforms today! The band spent 5 years working on the songs and spent the whole of 2017 recording it.

You can access the labour of love on iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp and download the digital booklet here.

The songs are mixed by David Bottrill (King Crimson, Tool, Smashing Pumpkins) and mastered by Adam Ayan (Pearl Jam, Lana Del Rey, Incubus).

Singapore artist Clare Lee created paintings for each song off the EP.

The Flood

Thank you everyone for helping us on this project! The band will be performing at the Esplanade Annexe Studio on 12 Jan 2019. More details soon.


Lunarin is a 3-piece alternative rock band hailing from Singapore. Consisting of Linda Ong (Bass/Vocals), Ho Kah Wye (Guitars) and Loo Eng Teck (Drums/Vocals), the trio were friends since 1993. They started a 4-piece band called Fuzzbox in 1995 before exploring a darker progressive sound as Lunarin in 2003.

The band was highly prolific in the Singapore gig scene in the 2000s, playing numerous shows and gaining a reputation in the underground for their tight and intense live shows. The trio have been compared to heavy acts such as Tool, A Perfect Circle and Soundgarden while their softer sound has been attributed to Linda Ong’s deep affinity to female singer-songwriters such as Faye Wong, Tori Amos and P J Harvey.

The trio released their debut album “The Chrysalis” in 2006, their second full-length album “Duae” in 2010, and an acoustic album named “The Midas Sessions” in 2012. 

Friends of the band know that the trio have always had difficulty focusing on music due to their day jobs and families – Loo and Ong are trained lawyers and Ho is an engineer by profession – and this proved true when the band went on hiatus in 2012 due to Ong’s pregnancy. This break extended when drummer Loo Eng Teck went on to have 2 children as well.

The band returns in 2018 with a new EP titled “Into the Ether”. Consisting of songs written during the 5 years when they were on hiatus and recorded when Ong was pregnant with her second child, “Into the Ether” was recorded by the band in Singapore, mixed by acclaimed music producer David Bottrill and mastered by Grammy winning mastering engineer Adam Ayan. The band collaborated with Singapore artist Clare Lee on this release, who created the accompanying artwork for the songs.



Into The Ether


  • Rage
  • Bruises
  • The Flood

The Midas Sessions


  • Ghost
  • Right of Sleep
  • Zero Point Red (Acoustic)
  • 22
  • Midas (Acoustic)
  • The Chrysalis (Acoustic)
  • Coralline (Acoustic)
  • Wednesday
  • Serpentine (Acoustic/Live)*
  • Isobel*



  • For Apollo
  • Midas
  • Zero Point Red
  • Saturn
  • Red
  • Coralline
  • Icarus Rising
  • Serpentine
  • To Forget
  • The Sky (Algiers)
  • Solus Nebula
  • The Inquisition

Little Pieces (EP)


  • Absolution
  • Ligeia (Acoustic Live)
  • Absolution (Director's Remix)

The Chrysalis


  • Eclipse
  • Dry
  • Ligeia
  • Shiver
  • Medusa
  • Ariel
  • Silverpiece
  • The Tower
  • Usher
  • The Chrysalis

2-Track EP


  • Ariel (Acoustic)
  • Dry (Acoustic)


Singapore, SG


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